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The leading Exotic Car rental supplier in the nation. Contact our team for a quote on your next exotic car rental. Rent a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls Royce or even a Mclaren! BMW X7 was designed by German engineers and is a real competitor for many cars of the same configuration. The new crossover is equipped with adjustable shock absorbers, which are controlled using pneumatic springs as well as advanced electronics, and a special system allows the car to lower and rise by 8 cm. Right now you can rent a car in for any period. Take advantage of the service today and enjoy all the benefits of the new BMW X7 crossover. Interior and equipment The model is made in a classic Bavarian design and is distinguished by large size. The spacious leather interior is equipped with 6 or 7 seats, which allows both children and adults to fit comfortably in the car even on the third row. The primary set of equipment includes: climate control system with 4 modes; premium acoustics; power windows; side and front airbags; car control system via smartphone; projection displays; advanced satellite alarm; parking sensors; satellite navigation; engine control with one button. An extensive package of options allows you to drive without any effort, and an improved protection system contributes to the safest and most comfortable driving on a BMW X7. Rent a BMW X7 2020 in , a BMW M4 Competition Sport 2019 or a BMW M3 2020 can be completed in minutes on the most favorable terms. Features of the BMW X7 Due to the improved technical characteristics of the car, you can control the car by gestures, voice or a multi-function joystick on the center console display. If we talk about the distinguishing features of the car, they are: Particular climate control in the rear seats. This peculiarity is not included in any series of German BMW cars. The front seats are orthopedic with massage function, and the rear seats are installed according to the scheme 2:2:2 or 2:3:2. Each chair is heated and equipped with adjustable position. The space between the first and second row of seats is maximally expanded, which provides a comfortable fit for passengers on the last row. The roof is glass with a large panoramic view and LED lamps that create beautiful graphic pictures. Decor elements are made of crystal, which makes the car interior more comfortable and luxurious. The gear shift knob is compact, ergonomic and fits easily in your hand. By 2020, three more series will be released — xDrive40i, xDrive50i and M50i. Any model differs in technical characteristics and a complete set, therefore each car owner will be able to choose a suitable option for himself and appreciate the high German quality. If before buying this or that model there is a desire to test a car, contact us — we will offer any representative class vehicle. Renting a BMW X7 2020 in , BMW M4 Competition Sport 2019 or BMW M3 2020 takes place in minutes on the most favorable terms. This sprint sport sedan is created for active city driving. It is a leader among similar fast models. In order to estimate all the benefits of a car, you can order a Bmw 750I LX luxury in . Features The interior of the car visually demonstrates its sport character. All pedestrians gaze after this “BMW” in a new design. Powerful sound and graceful lines set off the dynamics and style of the model. In addition to the original appearance, the luxury sedan is characterized by increased comfort and deriving pleasure from driving. The height of the car is emphasized by laterally-spaced air delivery pipes. Unique interior style Stylish spacious saloon is the main distinguishing feature. Noble materials are skillfully emphasized by numerous horizontal lines. An innovative control system and small decorative elements make each trip comfortable and interesting. 750I LX luxury is the prominent representative of luxury, the maximum cosiness and modern technologies. Primary benefits The primary benefits of the model include: all-wheel drive intelligence system; ability to use the built-in “smart assistant”; innovative Wilkins and Bowers audio system; Traffic Assistant Professional, which helps to quickly cope with any difficulties on the road; air ionizer, ensuring a favorable climate on the move; built-in BMW Connected platform that allows you to quickly synchronize your smartphone and car; automatic parking system, thanks to which the driver may not even be at the wheel; a navigation system with telematic services that makes any trip safe; built-in wireless charger for mobile gadgets. Amazing economical efficiency and dynamics can be appreciated by every car enthusiast. Original alloy wheels and rear-view mirrors underline the exclusive front design. This model is uniquely suitable for vivid and independent individuals. To rent Bmw 750I LX luxury in is the best option, enabling to save money and test the capabilities of the car. As an alternative, you can consider other BMW models: I8 Roadster 2019 Gold; X6 2019; I8 Roadster 2019; M4 2018; M3 2020; M4 Competition sport 2019; I8 Roadster 2019 White; X7 2020. Our company has been providing cars for rent in for many years and is a leader in this field. We have a wide range of luxury cars at affordable prices. We can quickly and efficiently turn your craziest idea into reality. This Chevrolet is more than just a car – it is a racer. Its sportive character is revealed in the striking eye-catching appearance. GS is among most requested cars according to Maroone Chevrolet . The aggressively-looking sleek body is especially constructed for perfect aerodynamics. One look at it makes you anticipate a fast ride and an adrenaline rush. Performance Corvette is exactly what you expect it to be. Its roar makes your heart beat faster. Excellent performance is due to: A powerful engine; Impressive acceleration ability; Controlled braking; Advanced damping system. The handling is easy at any speed, Corvette responds to steering sharply. The overall impression from the steering is highly positive. Drive your Chevrolet in Lakes and see passers-by gasp with admiration. Interior Engineers developed aesthetic interior design for comfort and convenience. The steering wheel feels great, the seats are shaped for extreme cornering and finished with leather and microfiber. The salon is equipped with a two-zone climate control. You are most likely to fall in love with excellent sports car and probably even go to Chevrolet dealership ok to get yourself one. Do not hesitate to show-off a little as it seems that it is what Chevrolet Corvette grand sport is made for. Ferrari 458 Rental in Florida exotic cars rentals present a hot Italian racer – Ferrari 458. This recognizable car has a reputation, it will ideally suit a driver with a courageous and daring personality. The vivid design make people gasp everywhere you go. Performance Driving this charismatic auto feels fantastic. It is speedy, responsive and comfortable. The perfectly-curved body significantly adds for aerodynamics. Exotic car rentals let you experience the unforgettable performance of this sportcar. Implemented technologies provide safe and comfortable driving at any speed. The model’s characteristics are due to: Seamless transmission; Extremely powerful engine; Advanced braking system; Outstanding suspension. Interior Luxury and mesmerizing. Italians delivered a stylish and functional salon. Shape of the adjustable seats have been designed to hold the driver and the passenger tight when burning up the road or entering turns. Leather finish provides a posh look to the overall interior. The cockpit brings all the controls to the driver’s access. According to Dynasty Luxury Rentals , this model is one of the most popular among clients. It‘s no surprise: when you are on the road inside your impressive supercar you get all eyes on you. Choose a legendary Ferrary for an unforgettable experience Lamborghini Huracan Perfomante is a luxury sports car that became available on the world market several years ago. Despite the fact that this vehicle was manufactured a relatively long time ago, it is still very popular. What new features can be found in the presented renewal from the Italian company and why should you rent Huracan Perfomante Red 2018 in ? What current price can be paid for the “God of the wind”? Is it still possible to do it and what will a customer get in exchange? We will discuss all these points below. The advantages of the model We must say at once that this car got the name of “God of the wind” not in vain. It can be proved by the powerful engine and practically immediate acceleration up to several hundred kilometers. At the same time, it should be mentioned about 610 horsepower that makes this car more prestigious. In comparison with the last race champions that took 1280 Nm of torque, it is nothing to speak about, but we discuss the standard version of the sports car. It is, in its turn, quite suitable for upgrading and making all kinds of modifications. The maximum speed of this model is 325 km/h. This fact is really good taking into account the maximum acceleration threshold of up to 200 km/h in 9 seconds and up to hundreds of kilometers per hour in 2 seconds. Compared to previous generations of Lamborghini, the current model has improved suspension, which makes adhesion 10% better. As you could understand these features promote both better control of the situation on the road and high speed. Interior peculiarities Perfect design, as well as the car quality, is the distinguished features of this model. Thus, to rent Huracan Perfomante Red 2018 in means to be the admirer of such beautiful things. At first sight, you can see a well-tuned high-quality racing car that is eye-catching for all passers-by and undoubtedly speaks of the driver’s status. The main advantages of the design are: Seats adapted to race tracks. Any other sports car has usual leather seats, but this one is a real sport bucket. The perfect appearance is manifested not only outside but also inside the cabin. The strict and up-to-date style emphasizes the status of the driver. Product range Our company has provided you with car rental in for many years. The product range has risen considerably since then. Therefore, apart from the above-mentioned model we strictly recommend to look through the following vehicles: Lamborghini URUS 2019; Huracan LP610 Spyder; Huracan Spyder 2018; Aventador Matte; Aventador SV Roadster 2019. Our company also has more than 10 other sections with new brands and top cars! The model is a more affordable variation of the standard Rolls-Royce design; its shape is characterized by rounded forms. However, the essential features of the classic model remain unchanged. The car body looks slightly squared, the big wheels are ready to conquer any roads. The vehicle has a high ground clearance and an excellent backward-bent radiator grill. Actually, there are many other characteristics that make Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead different from previous models. The most noticeable ones are the rounded lamps of a smaller size that look just fine on the car’s “face”. They point out the auto’s personality and exquisite style. If you wish to attract everybody’s attention on the road, opt for Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead rental in . Interior The salon underlines the driver’s respectability and points out his aggressive character. The style combines strict classics and modern details. Hire Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead in to demonstrate your perfect taste. This outstanding vehicle is packed with all kinds of technical innovations, so you are likely to be truly impressed. The high-end automobile is a great option for romantic trips and beautiful photoshoots. Advantages The most significant characteristics of the model are: Quick reaction. The car’s double-quick response helps the driver in all circumstances on the road Safety. Passengers are secure all along the trip due to the advanced fixation. The brake pads minimize braking path Significant acceleration: it takes the auto 5-6 seconds to speed up to 100 km/h Gorgeous appearance that emphasizes the driver’s high status Multi-functional salon Short overhangs and curved radiator grill LED-headlights Quality sound system. Special features This magnificent coupe can turn into a graceful cabriolet in just 12 seconds. The soft top underlines the opulent nature of Rolls-Royce. This type of deck looks especially nice and stylish. With the roof dropped down, you can enjoy the open-air ride and feel the fresh sea breeze. You may choose among a variety of vehicles of this brand on our website: Cullinan 2019; Dawn 2018; Wraith Blue; Cullinan 2020; Ghost 2018; Wraith 2018; Wraith. Everybody will find a model that will meet their expectations. Without a shade of doubt, you will have an unforgettable drive around the city. Car rental in is a popular service that most people can afford. Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead is a luxury addition to a holiday under the tall palm trees. Check out the range of available options on the site. The new model can be characterized by its aggressive design of a body, modern equipment, and increased technical indicators. So this vehicle has wide wheel arches, volume air intakes, and red brake calipers. You can order a Mercedes G Wagon 63 2018 in within a few minutes. All you need is to call us and place an order. Our specialists will arrange everything for your comfortable stay in the city. Equipment list There are several unique elements, such as: Lightweight 21-inch wheels. LED optics of head illumination with adaptation function. Leather upholstery and interior trim which is made of a carbon and aluminum combination. 4 zones of climate control. Fatigue tracking sensor. The device panel with virtual indications. Multimedia with a 10.25-inch display. Satellite navigation. Cruise control with the emergency braking ability. Pedestrian recognition sensors. Keyless start of the engine. Integrated massage device in the front seats. Technical features Thanks to its 4 liters V8 gasoline-powered turbo engine the car is a real predator on the road. The engine power is 585 hp, which provides acceleration to 100km/h only in 4 seconds. The new model was made of aluminum and strong steel, which significantly reduced the total weight of the vehicle by 160 kilograms. The front and rear suspensions were improved, namely, the first one was made completely independent, and the second one in the form of a solid axle. The depreciation system is altered to automatic. This means that it adjusts to any driving style of the owner. Exterior Due to the wide wheels, unique illumination optics and coupled exhaust shape this model looks really impressive. At the same time, the company did not change the angular body, which always shows the car’s solidity and respectability. You will attract everyone’s attention for sure by renting a 2018 Mercedes G Wagon 63 in . The combination of brutality, solidity, and strength are the main qualities of this vehicle. You can rent it for any purpose: business negotiations, scientific conferences or meetings with friends. You will draw people’s interest anywhere. If you prefer directly street driving, the GT Roadster AMG 2020 will perfectly fit you. Interior This model was made in the style of luxury and convenience. You can see the upholstery made of delicate Nappa leather with neat stitching. The trim is made of real wood, carbon, and aluminum. All 5 people will feel incredibly comfortable in the car. Improved depreciation creates an atmosphere of silence and calmness inside the cabin, and a carefully selected trim design lets you experience gorgeous feelings. Liquid-crystal monitor locates exactly in front of the driver’s seat, and displays the entire instrument panel, in the center of which you can see a digital speedometer. The on-board computer section is located on the side. Speaking about the entertainment multimedia complex, we can state that everything is gorgeous here. The console controls almost everything, namely navigation, a circular camera, steering, and climate control. The driver can only watch all this. You can easily rent cars in with us. Here is a list of them: G550 4×4; C63S Sedan; GLC 2019; Gelenvagen Matte; GT Roadster 2019; GT Roadster 2018; C63 Cabriolet; S550 Sedan; S Cabriolet; GLC 63; S Class; S63 Coupe; GLC AMG. Besides car rental, we also give you an opportunity to hire a personal driver in case you just want to enjoy the process. We accept a driver’s license from any country. But there is only one requirement that its owner must be at least 25 years old. Audi R8 V10 2018 Coupe is not only transport but an attribute that denotes high status. It is recognized and respected worldwide. You can rent this gorgeous model, its “brother” Audi R8 Roadster, or another luxury automobile using international car rental service Concierge. It allows booking a desired car via the Internet from wherever you are. The stunning white auto designed for aggressive look and dynamics is a perfect option for a couple or a solo traveller. It is ideal for any trips: you will enjoy driving around the city or across the whole state. Luxury interior You can’t help admiring the striking appearance of this two-seater. The vehicle stands out from the others on the road and attracts people’s attention. Check out great deals for Audi R8 V10 2018 Coupe rental in and get the chance to explore its potential. Among major updates of 2018 model are the following: Wide radiator grill with renewed side air intakes and connecting straps Innovative design of the bumpers that now include an enlarged back aerodynamic diffuser A modified back part of the body that makes the car look wider and heavier and provides a massive look Power under the hood You may perform Audi R8 V10 2018 Coupe rental in from any country of the globe. The vehicle is literally floating along the good roads of Florida. It owes its outstanding performance to the modernized engine with increased power and impressive acceleration. No matter which state you are going to visit, Audi will surely be a great companion on the journey. The suspension has been modified: now it features several modes that help the car to adjust to various pavement surfaces as well as weather conditions. To feel confident and enjoy a comfortable ride, shift between the modes: “Dry”, “Snow” or “Wet”. Safety The developers paid special attention to safety. Numerous technologies have been implemented to provide a high level of security: Electronic Stability Control that significantly shortens the brake-way Front and side airbags Additional head protection Anti-lock Braking System and Anti-slip Control. Comfort The salon is actually a matter of very high importance together with the powerful engine and the stylish body. It is a delight to find yourself in the ergonomic leather-upholstered car seat. The individual setup option allows overcoming long distances comfortably and maintaining the right position of neck and back. Climate-control makes you forget about extreme temperature outside the car. The sound system with multi dynamics installed in the salon creates a special atmosphere and adds for a perfect trip. Opt for car rentals in and get a high-end auto for a reasonable price. Book it for any desired period and have a great time. Concierge service makes it happen for you. Ford Mustang rental in is a perfect way to enjoy the city and show your status and taste. This spectacular car looks very stylish and provides ultimate driving experience. Its glazy body shines under the sun and reflect night lights. Mustang really makes a great impression. Performance No matter your driving style, this auto provides extremely comfortable handling. The model will perfectly fit into your character: it roars as you accelerate for the highest speed and smoothly flows when you browse the town. Ford Mustang GT rental allows stealing the show. Among the main technical characteristics are: High-output engine; Adaptive suspension; Several available drive modes; Interior Inside, this auto provides a luxury look due to premium finishes and stylish design. The main controls are arranged for convenient access. The implemented technological features include: Quality navigation; Multi-functional display; Adjustable leather-upholstered seats; Back-up camera; Two-zone climate control; Choosing a rental car Mustang you get a chance to explore the city with maximum comfort and to be in the spotlight. With its high characteristics, this automobile will be your brilliant companion in any kind of trip. We wish you a joyful journey behind the wheel of your fast car. Bentayga model is extremely comfortable and luxurious. It may be the best choice if you intend to travel with a company as it is impressively spacious inside. 2019 Bentley Bentayga price reflects its status. The car is packed with technology and provides an outstanding driving experience. Performance Even experienced car lovers point out the smooth motion and high responsiveness of this powerful auto. The enclosed systems provide safe and memorable drive along with a strong feeling of confidence behind the steering wheel: Several driving modes; Advanced anti-roll system; Adaptive suspension providing high stability; Seamless transmission; Powerful engine. Interior Bentley Bentayga price on the market varies greatly. The reason is that this automobile can be customized according purchasers’ desires and may include supplementary functions and remarkable interior features. The enticing salon looks very expensive due to the premium leather and wood finishes. The cockpit is equipped with all range of helpful controls for a comfortable ride. Although Bentley Bentayga for sale can be unaffordable, still you can rent it and enjoy the experience of driving this sophisticated auto. For holiday travels and on business trips this beautiful car will set off your status and perfect taste. Don’t miss a chance to be in the limelight. This car is among our Range Rover lease specials. It is produced by one of the most trustworthy manufacturers. Its squared design is elegant and recognizable. This model is packed with high tech features providing maximum comfort and excellent performance inherent in vehicles of the brand. Everything about this auto is grand, not to mention its price. Range Rover cost is a real fortune, however, it’s worth it. Interior The eye-catching interior looks luxurious and includes:: Dashboard screen; Big multimedia monitor with precise navigation system; Specially-shaped seats; High quality finishes combining wood, metal, natural and artificial leather; Advanced sound system. The salon is extremely spacious. You can feel that engineers paid attention to both – drivers and passengers. Travelling in this auto is a pure relaxation. Performance Brilliant suspension that makes HSE float along with a seamless transmission provide outstanding driving experience. It is a pleasure to steer this crossover as it responses to the slightest move. You can easily find a Range Rover for sale in Florida, however, the prices are too high to make a decision. Fortunately, there is a chance to rent this luxury car for holidays or business and enjoy its brilliant performance for a reasonable price. Start the engine and feel the irrepressible power of your Range Rover HSE. Mercedes Rental If you would like to get thrilling sensations steering a luxury Mercedes 4х4 of Florida it’s a pleasure for us to arrange it for you. This car is an icon, its appearance has not changed much since the day it was first presented. Nowadays its recognizable shape associates with status and respect. Undoubtedly, Mercedes G has become a kind of classic owned mostly by the rich and famous ones. Driving performance As soon as Mercedes Benz 4х4 of parts with the rent office, the unforgettable journey begins. It seems like this car has no limits as concerned with road quality. G-Wagen is a mighty off-roader, a conqueror. The suspension system together with steering calibration make this giant move smoothly to provide comfort at any speed. Interior The opulent salon is equipped with various high tech features: Luxury outfit with leather, wood and carbon finishes. Adjustable microsuede front seats with memory. HDD navigation system. Dual-zone climate control. Dual 12,3” displays for operation and entertainment. Center console with touchpad Adjustable ambient lighting. Burmester sound system. Mercedes 4х4 rental for a low price in lets you experience the power of this legendary car. Enjoy the road whatever destination you chose, the off-roader takes you anywhere with maximum comfort. Evaluate the effect it produces while you are driving along the crowded streets of downtown. Contact us to make a reservation. The car is a business card of any successful person. Cabriolet Rolls-Royce Dawn 2018 shows the status, good taste, and wellbeing of its owner. Even if you can’t afford this vehicle, car rental service in can give you a superiority feeling and self-confidence. This sporty vehicle is designed to give you freedom and speed. Interior The luxurious salon is made of natural materials of high quality. Mahogany and genuine leather are framed by an elegant chrome inlay. The interior design is created on the basis of the one, which was used in the 40th and 50th of the last century. The classics are organically combined with modern technologies, that only emphasize the luxury and comfort of the interior. The trim of the torpedo is made of mahogany while the dashboard is traditionally equipped with a mechanical dial. The vehicle has a powerful onboard computer, which is controlled by a highly sensitive sensor. The multimedia system control and the main functions of the car are focused on the steering wheel so you can control them without taking your eyes off the road. The soft fabric roof is made of durable material. You can either lower or raise it in 22 seconds at the speed not exceeding 55 km/h. The mechanism is absolutely silent and does not inconvenience passengers. Doors that open against the car’s movement provide easy access to the rear seats. Each passenger and driver’s seat has its own climate control and mechanisms to ensure comfort and coziness. The seats are made in sports style, with seals along the edges and have vertical and horizontal adjustment functions with built-in anatomic memory. Exterior The classic appearance of the car, smooth lines, and LED optics will make you fall in love with this luxurious vehicle at first sight. Accurate adjusting of components leaves a feeling of the all-cast body without a single seam. Branded Rolls-Royce parts, namely chrome grille and flying forward angel, distinguish this very car from thousands of others. 20 size Light-alloy wheels, steady suspension, the 8-speed transmission allows you to move with equal comfort both on the autobahn and rugged terrain. A spacious luggage compartment made in stylish and comfortable design is almost invisible, but nevertheless, it easily allows you to take long walks and long trips. Luxury Car Rental Renting a Rolls-Royce Dawn 2018 in is easy from anywhere in the world. Just go to our website and book it for a specific date. You can also use other cars of this brand: Cullinan 2019; Cullinan 2020; Wraith; Phantom; Dawn; Ghost. The car will be delivered on time to the designated place, possibly with a personal driver. You can rent Rolls-Royce Dawn 2018 in for a joyride, routs, and parties or even for your honeymoon. To feel the real power of this car you should rent Mercedes GT roadster AMG 2020 in . This vehicle perfectly fits active city driving. Interior Its appearance immediately suggests that it is a bright, frisky and sporty vehicle. This cabriolet attracts the attention of every person while driving. It has classical proportions, namely small stern and long sporty bonnet. You can feel all the power of the original two-door Mercedes at first sight. Its form reminds of a coupe, but being a convertible vehicle with stylish lattice and extendable spoiler this automobile is significantly marked out of all other vehicles. The special feature of this car is yellow brake shoe caliper and bright lighting elements on its hull. One can hardly distinguish this model from a real race car. Distinctive features The original three-layered convertible roof is of great interest. But one shouldn’t forget about the new charming roadster interior. Both driver and passengers can feel like flying a jet fighter where each item thought-out well. Sports seats with side support for hips and back provide you with a real comfort even during long-distance trips. Advantages The main advantages of this vehicle are: Sportiveness. Due to composite and ceramic disks, you can quickly react to any situations occurred on the road; Short braking distance and accuracy of operation; Quick response at lower engine speeds; The modern stereo that creates a surround sound; Touch directive screen; Ability to reach a speed of 300 km/h; Three driving modes: sport, comfort and sport +. So you can drive on any road surface. Speed and road lovers will highly appreciate this cabriolet. To buy such car for two passengers is quite expensive. That is why we recommend you more rational choice, namely to rent Mercedes GT roadster AMG 2020 in . It’s a good opportunity to feel roadster’s power enjoying sightseeing. Moreover, it is also suitable for a spectacular photoshoot on the ocean beach. A better offer is Mercedes Benz C63S AMG Sedan. This model isn’t inferior to other cars at all but its price is lower. You can rent another Mercedes car models from us as well. Namely: Benz GLC63 2020; Benz 4х4 2018; S Class 63 2020; GT Roadster 2019; GT Roadster 2018; C63 Cabriolet 2019; Benz G63 2019 Matte; S550 sedan 2019; S Cabriolet; S63 Coupe; G63 2018; Benz GLC AMG 2019. Our company has been offering car rental in at an acceptable price for several years. We are leaders in the luxury car rental market, offering our customers exclusive proposals. We have a wide range of cars and favourable terms. That is the main reason we can fulfil your craziest wish. We guarantee that you won’t regret our cooperation and will become our regular customer. Without a doubt, the Lamborghini Urus, which possesses the true and unique design, is at the same time an innovative car – the huge size, clean design of Lamborghini and its impressive technical qualities make it completely unique. As a result, Luxury car rentals in are so popular. The special silhouette of the coupe with its smooth and dynamic lines emphasizes the super-athletic character of the car, and the outstanding proportions inspire confidence in its reliability and strength. This car is so successful in Lambo rental due to its: cutting-edge design, exceptional dynamics, and maneuverability. The extraordinary flexibility of the Urus is also reflected in its design that can satisfy the needs of a wide range of customers thanks to its special Style Packages, carbon-fiber exterior parts or Off-Road equipment package. Design and configuration Urus is equipped with the latest technology to control the dynamics of the car. This car guarantees maximum efficiency in any situation, as well as the best ratio of engine power to vehicle weight in the corresponding segment, especially due to the unique, surprisingly rich and fully adaptable configuration. Strong personality, rigorous design, and unconditional sportiness make the Lamborghini Urus popular among exotic car rentals South Beach. The Mercedes GT Roadster gives incomparable driving pleasure. With completely different design style, powerful engine options and types of chassis this car is the best Mercedes Florida. The classic proportions of a sport car with a very long hood extended forward and short athletic stern emits a powerful force of attraction. Folding soft top elegantly fits into the silhouette of the car, and in the raised state it forms the contours of the coupe. This is the main reason to take Mercedes rental in . Main features of the car: High-quality interior; A lot of tools for convenient driving; Spectacular engine; Ability to change settings. Why Do You Need The Mercedes GT Roadster? There is no doubt that you need to try Mercedes Benz South . Interior design gives a breathtaking effect even with the opened top . Particularly impressive is the deep seating position combined with a center console in V8 style. The quality of finishes and materials present expert handwork both by eye and by touch for all these Mercedes of used Mercedes. Perfect fit creates a feeling of complete unity with the car. Its drive unit is the center of control of the sports gearbox, as well as all functions related to the dynamics of the car. Moreover, using the key and display buttons, you can make settings for driving modes, gearbox and ESP.. Rolls Royce rental in is the right choice for those who like to impress. This automobile is all about luxury. It is in the focus of attention on any road and anywhere you go. You feel the difference as soon as you get into the car: Rolls Royce drivers are treated with respect because this prestigious car means high status of the person behind the steering wheel. Performance Rolls Royce for rent allows to experience the famous smooth motion and outstanding power. You will definitely have one of the most memorable rides in your life: stable and flawless, this precious auto will bring you to any destination with maximum comfort. Interior Legendary salon finished with premium-quality materials provides the feeling of being inside a high-end yacht. All interior details are thoughtfully and beautifully designed that results in exclusive appearance and ensures high functionality of all features: Panoramic sunroof; Adjustable seats with several massage options; Four-zone climate control; Advanced sound system; Multi-functional display; Quality navigation. With a Rolls Royce of you will be a respected guest at any event. As a matter of fact, this model is one of the most frequently rented vehicles for special occasions. You will surely get only positive emotions if you choose this brilliant car. Make sure you book your luxury automobile beforehand. The brilliant Audi R8 Roadster is a spectacular supercar designed to impress. This two-seater looks gorgeous and reveals most of its charisma with the roof down. Audi rental in guarantees an exciting experience of driving this luxury car. R8 model has been improved for even higher performance and is considered to be the best Audi sports car within its class. Vehicle Design Roardster’s aggressive appearance makes you anticipate an adrenaline rush and a most pleasurable journey. By the way, whatever destinations you plan to visit, you will stay comfortable all the way. Specially developed seats maintain a relaxed body position to let you enjoy every minute of a long way. Control tools are at the driver’s reach, the interior looks sporty still cozy. Performance A look at Audi of makes you gasp with admiration. It all begins when you push the start button and hear the powerful engine roar as you speed up. Outstanding performance is due to the following features: New powerful engine; Advanced stabilization system; Improved brake characteristics; Exterior features for better aerodynamics. Travelling by Audi in South you will get overwhelmed by the feeling of freedom and the beautiful surrounding scenery. Considering that specially constructed windows protect the salon from the wind and excessive outer sounds, nothing is going to disturb you while the car is floating along the streets. We wish you a great time with a stylish and trustworthy companion. In the Ferrari model range, F12 Berlinetta has replaced 599 GTB Fiorano and has become the fastest sports car. Even now, after some years later of its production start, this model keeps on being the most desirable for many motorists. Certainly, only rich people can afford this car but with a help of our renting cars service in , you can experience real satisfaction from driving “this Italian miracle”, and make your dream true. Interior Even though the current silhouette of Ferrari F12 reminds the previous model, it has its bright individuality, at the same time. It can be seen in extended wheels arches, modified disk design, installed branch pipes with black linings and original air intake on the hood. The cabin is made in the classic style of Ferrari, i.e. convenient location of control buttons and the feeling of much free space. The expensive leather trimming, carbon inserts on the steering wheel and center console make the interior look reliable and respectable. The dashboard consists of three displays where you can find all the necessary information. There are climate control buttons and powerful air deflectors resembling aircraft turbines on the central console. Sports seats with the integrated headrests have the ideal side support and remain the body position stable even at sharp turns. According to the developers’ idea, the interior of this model embodies the perfect combination of both sport style and comfort. Distinctive features Ferrari F12 is a mix of style and perfection. The construction is well developed both esthetically and technically: Well-thought-out weight distribution and improved suspension mechanism make this vehicle easy to drive and smoothly take any, even the sharpest turns. A new truncated form of steering wheel creates extra comfort for the driver. A huge windshield and narrow pillars provide excellent visibility in all directions. Brake system is made of ceramic and can withstand any, even long-term load. This supercar can provide you with a lot of positive emotions letting you distract from everyday routine. If you rent Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in , you will get unforgettable impressions from driving through auto bans and picturesque landscapes. We can easily select a car for any taste that makes your stay in a resort memorable. If you prefer convertible supercars, pay attention to Ferrari 458 F1 Capristo Exhaust, Ferrari 488 Spider, Ferrari California T, Ferrari Portofino Spyder, Ferrari 458 Spyder. If you want to experience the powerful engine and wheels which are ready to drive at any time, the ideal option for you is Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. You can easily rent any car model in with us. Fans of a fast but comfortable ride have already managed to appreciate all the advantages of a Ferrari Portofino Spyder car. This convertible coupe is an improved, updated version of the Ferrari California model, which has been produced by the Italian manufacturer since 2008. If you are looking for exotic car rental Florida – this is a worthy choice. What Should You Know about Ferrari Portofino Spyder Car enthusiasts are attracted to the exterior of the car because of a hard retractable top. Great design, high-quality finishing materials, sophisticated style, original design solutions – all these characteristics are about Ferrari Portofino Spyder. So, this car has: Spectacular design; High driving performance; Powerful engine; Great aerodynamics. General Characteristics Ferrari Portofino Spyder has improved aerodynamics, which is achieved due to the streamlined bumper, air compartments, and the unusual shape of the upper part of the car. The Italian coupe-cabriolet is distinguished from other cars by the cool sound, which is obtained thanks to the diffuser with four mounted pipes. It makes exotic luxury car rental Minneapolis so popular. The manufacturer made three buttons for gear changing and placed them on a chrome panel. Nevertheless, if you do not plan to buy the car yet, you can evaluate the benefits of a supercar and rent luxury cars in . Powerful and luxurious Bentley GT Convertible V8S is one of Florida’s faves for summer car rental deals. Its exquisite noble appearance together with fluid movement and superior comfort makes it an ideal choice if you plan a delightful open-air drive in beautiful settings. Start the engine and enjoy the journey! Bentley rental for a low price in lets you experience its outstanding charisma. Performance and main features The steering is enjoyable, it seems like Bentley feels you as it immediately responds to every move. Suspension eliminates shocks so that the road feels very smooth. GTC V8S model is equipped with highly technological components and systems such as: Sportive air suspension. Multimedia display. Multi channel audio system. Led headlamps. Adaptive cruise control. Components providing intelligent driving. Exterior For those who like to make people stare, Bentley GT Convertible is just the right choice. Charismatic exterior with the black grill and leather salon shows its driver’s style. It’s no surprise that this spectacular cabriolet place holds the top spot and has landed on the TOP-10 bead-roll of weekend rental cars, as this a speedy companion that makes any holiday unforgettable. This convertible is simply perfect. It comprises classic Mercedes quality and excellent appearance that is recognized worldwide. This model is equipped with an impressive pack of technological innovations developed to ensure safe and enjoyable driving. Palm Beach Mercedes Benz Dealership states that this model is among the most desirable cars in its class. Car Interior With all controls at hand, the driver feels confident all along the way. Finest materials and sophisticated interior design make the salon a real masterpiece. In addition, the seats maintain a comfortable body position at any speed. By the way, this car is one of the most “silent” convertibles. When roofed, you can hardly hear any external sounds. Mercedes rental for a low price in lets you evaluate the level of comfort provided by this outstanding cabriolet. Performance The powerful engine roars as you speed up. This sound makes you tremble with excitement especially with the roof dropped down. The seamless acceleration is another joyful feature that influences the overall impression. Among the enlisted remarkable features of the Convertible are: Extremely powerful engine; Advanced road grip; Shock absorption; Smooth suspension. It is not surprising that the prices for Mercedes Benz at Pembroke Pine are unbelievably high. This outstanding car is worth it. If you need a car for a holiday or a business trip, you will surely appreciate the stylish and speedy S-Class Convertible. The new Porsche Boxster 2019 makes the heart beat faster. The main reason for it is a central location of an even more powerful engine and a unique suspension that masterfully manages the steepest turns. In this car, everything is subordinated to the desire to achieve more: not only in power but also in a design that is distinguished by energetic forms, honed lines and high-quality materials. As a result, Porsche rental in is a great idea. Design of the Car Before the start, you can admire the view that opens to you on landscapes, beautiful roads and fascinating design of your car. It is a perfect variant of exotic car rentals . Thanks to its bright shape and black accents, the car looks even more beautiful. It is worth saying that the rear part of the car has clear contours, and the lower part of the rear bumper and black exhaust pipes make it visually wider and more powerful. Interior of Porsche Boxster The salon is fully focused on the needs of the driver. The driver has all the important information right before his eyes. Excellent fixation of the body is provided by the well-known Alcantara that is used in order to trim elements that the driver’s hands touch. Moreover, Plus seats create a typical sports car feeling. So, the greatest pluses of Porsche Boxster 2019: breathtaking design; powerful engine; flexible and comfortable interior; you can easily find Porsche dealers Florida. High level of safety and sporty design are the excellent qualities of the new Porsche Boxster 2019. BMW M4 is a powerful athlete for roads and racing tracks, a perfect drift, high-speed turns, and long straight lines. This car is perfect for arrivals with a huge amount of adrenaline rush. You experience many emotions when the steering wheel with excellent grip is in your hands, your fingers are on responsive paddle shifters, and you can shift gears at any time. This sports car is designed for a vibrant driving experience of BMW South . Rent a chic BMW M4 here to highlight your high status and catch the admiring views of the people around you. We offer the lowest prices for you to take any car from our garage. Now you don’t need to buy an amazing car that can cost from 300 thousand dollars – rent it here and feel the taste of luxury. Each of our vehicles looks incredible, feel the sound of the engine, and see this wonderful design and smooth lines. Our company will provide you with all the necessary documents so that you are convinced of the legality and safety of such a transaction. We test each vehicle carefully to send it to the customer in perfect condition. We will also provide you with technical support, if you have any problems then call us, and we will solve any situation. Our clients are not only men but also women who want to complement their stunning image with expensive cars. We have thought everything out, therefore we offer different models and colors for any solemn and everyday affairs. You can find a suitable option for a social event or choose an excellent speed to spend fun time with friends. Main features of BMW M4 The BMW M4 has passed hundreds of tests on racetracks to refine many innovations based on motorsport solutions. The result is more than impressive: concentrated power and breathtaking acceleration are combined with amazing maneuverability and precision steering. Numerous innovations, such as the newly designed lightweight forged crankshaft, improve dynamics, reduce fuel consumption and ensure perfect axle weight distribution. As a result, unprecedented dynamics with a recognizable voice of the M engine. It a great variant from all BMW used cars. What makes this car special: Sporty and fabulous design; High technological indicators; Total security for the driver and passengers. The impressive front end with large air intakes reveals the tremendous power of the BMW M4, as well as the spectacular wheels and the muscular rear end. There is no doubt that you need to experience BMW rental for a low price in . History of the BMW M4 The history of this model begins in 2013, when BMW officially unveiled the first concept car of this range on August 16 and showed the technical characteristics of the new M4 on September 25. The premiere of this steel horse was at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2014. Many connoisseurs of expensive cars have appreciated this automobile and called it a new chapter in the generation of the M series. The BMW M4 is a new auto mid-range sports car range that replaced the M3 coupe and cabriolet in 2014. The M4 iron beast can be called a more modern and improved version of the 4 series with a higher level of performance. The main differences from standard iron monsters of this version are an improved suspension and braking system, a sporty interior, a powerful engine, a body with a high aerodynamic index. This car has excellent technical characteristics to be a good choice for walks or long trips. The new point received two interpretations, each of which slightly changed the characteristics of the basic model M4. Express your presentability If you want to show your high position or impeccable taste, then the M4 will be a great solution. This car looks perfect and combines the presentability of a premium coupe and the high performance of sports cars. Our company has several versions of this line, so each client could choose something suitable for his needs. This choice is a good solution for those who want: convenience style speed perfect design and excellent data. Our fleet of vehicles offers different automobiles for all situations, so you can be sure that you are getting the best item at an affordable price. We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the catalog where the market prices for all models are indicated. A luxurious expensive car will help you to express your character, sophistication, nobility, and wealth. Now our clients will not spend huge sums on the purchase of such steel beasts – they will rent it at a pleasant cost and could enjoy driving for 24 hours or a year. Visit any event in our luxury vehicle or take a coastal ride. Perhaps, today you want to enjoy high speed and drive on the track then our sports cars will be the best choice. If you have a business meeting tomorrow, then we have many premium and luxury models. We have prepared a large selection of wonderful cabriolets for romantic and bright trips. You do not need to think about how to go home after a dizzy party – we will provide you with a personal chauffeur. The advantages of renting here Rent Service offers favorable terms of cooperation and uses an individual approach to the requirements of each customer. You will find that car rental here is a very good deal. We work not only in , but also help you to get a gorgeous steel monster in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rome, or other cities. Each of our clients receives the next benefits: Big parking with the most breathtaking cars. Operational work during the deal (order from 1-2 hours). The satisfaction of any of your wishes. A careful check of all car systems. Security guarantee. Nice prices and great offers with promotions. Additional services at your request. Fast checkout. Full technical support. We want to make stunning automobiles available to everyone, so we provide special offers for many items. Also, our company gives other services to be useful to customers: Photographer and personal chauffeur services. Transfer to/from the airport. Delivery of any car in the country. Photoshoot with BMW M4 in Beach All modern people want to take a lot of great photos to leave every moment not only in memory. Our BMW M4 is a gorgeous steel beast that looks perfect from any angle. Order the service of a photographer and get unforgettable emotions that will remain in digital and printed form. Our professional will make many stunning images for any background. Share your ideas or leave a choice for our specialist. is a magical city where every place looks flawless. Such photos will be bright and high quality. Choose any location or try everything at once: coast, road, city center, attractions, noisy parties on the beach, sunset by the sea, etc. Our photographer will show you the most successful locations so that every picture would be perfect. You can also book this service with a personal chauffeur and enjoy the trip on the back seat. Make a romantic day with your loved one, and we will take care of your memories. Make this day unforgettable for your soulmate! Other models to take into account We have many wonderful automobiles in our range for every occasion and purpose. If you need to attend an important event, then choose the premium type, and for your holiday we will offer amazing sports cars. We also have jeeps, convertibles, SUVs, and more. If you have focused your attention on the BMW corporation, then look at the following items: BMW M4 – the highlight of this line, beautiful, stylish and comfortable M4 Competition Sport 2019 – a real monster with tremendous speed and engine roar M3 2020 – great design in a discreet noble style X6 2019 – the impressive appearance of the new crossover coupe BMW I8 ROADSTER – a star of the collection, chic sports iron horse in authentic style BMW M850 – executive coupe of business class for an impressive look BMW 750I LX – luxury auto for important meetings and conferences BMW X7 2020 – super modern jeep with the best performance BMW I8 ROADSTER 2019 GOLD – a technological wonder with hinged doors Range and price Rent Service offers not only cars of this corporation but also other brands. You will find ultra-modern steel horses with the best technical data. Our assortment also includes the latest Tesla, swing-door models, powerful SUVs from world-famous manufacturers such as Bentley, Ferrari, Mercedes, Lamborghini, and so on. The stunning BMW M4 can be rented for $350 per day. This sum includes a hundred miles, and each additional one will cost $3. This is a very profitable solution because you can test all the functions of this auto and enjoy it at such a low price. The market value of such an iron beast is $120,000. Any car from our catalog can be ordered for a different period: from a day to a year. We prepare the necessary documents very quickly and you will not have to wait long to get behind the wheel of our amazing automobiles. If you have any wishes, please share them with our specialist. We will try to take into account all your requirements so that you appreciate the high quality of our service. Guarantee of quality Many of our clients are regular customers and each time they take new cars. We are expanding our fleet to offer you the most modern models. Our guarantee of quality and safety is a lot of grateful reviews from people from different countries. We want to make luxury autos available to everyone and you don’t have to pay its market value. Some of our items cost up to $300,000-400,000, but now you can touch these masterpieces of the auto industry much cheaper. Allow yourself an unforgettable day driving our stunning luxury cars. Such beauty is now open to everyone, which is why we provide such a diverse garage. Each model has its characteristics and you will want to know all of them. Don’t miss your chance!